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Build Executive Presence

Private 1:1 video coaching at the comfort of your own home to enhance your interviewing, speaking, and conversational skills on every platform!


Who I am

I'm a girl's-girl focused on building leaders who are women of color.


I Teach

I teach you the technical and artistic skills to speak in a compelling manner on video or in person.

I teach you to see and harness your natural strengths that enable you to shine on video or in person.

About me


My name is Millicent Rose.


I am an executive coach specializing in women of color who want to increase their potency in leading by leveling up their communication skills whether that is for the purpose of interviewing, crafting sales presentations, making video presentations, or facilitating effective and engaging online trainings in our rapidly changing business landscape.


As an avid speaker professionally trained in broadcast journalism, video production, and public speaking, I am passionate in helping others master the technical and artistic skills necessary to create and deliver content in a manner that is authentic, captivating, and compelling!


I offer a free 30 minute exploratory Zoom session to access your needs and offer next steps in working together.

If you are not ready for 1:1 coaching, shoot me an email and anytime you need a second opinion on anything communication-related I would love to help! I love to build new connections with like minded women so that we can build each other up and cheer each other on!


I use a personable, focused, and person-centered approach to establish trust, access baseline skills, and create personalized communication plans to meet target objectives.


I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Interview Preparation

You will learn how to fine tune your interviewing skills and score at least a 9 out of a scale of 1-10 in your interviewing confidence!

Speech Critiques

You will receive valuable feedback that only a trained eye can see and hear so that you can knock your next prepared speech, sales pitch, or talk out the ball park!

Presentation Skills

You will craft and deliver a presentation that will capture the eyes, hearts, and minds of your target audience on video or at a live setting!

Conversational Efficacy

You will learn how to become an excellent conversationalist in any social setting whether that be at a bar, company party, or any online video platform!

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